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Gratis Inverter Power System is a latest technology that is devised and designed to an end to protracted power supply in homes,offices, hospitals, industries, workshops, laboratories, network mask and hostels.
However no doubt, that those with the above mentioned facilities can now enjoy uninterruptible power supply where they live,work,or play for a longer period.

The Inverter is a technology that is electronically design and built to help you gets electricity in your dwelling with the help of an accumulator that would have stored charges.

An Inverter is simply an electric apparatus that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
The Inverter does this through a complex process of electrical adjustment. From this process,AC electric power is being produced. This form of electricity can be used to power an electric light, fan, TV set, microwave, or some other electric machine depending on the load capacity of the Inverter power system you purchased.

Gratis Inverter power system is technologically built and designed for homes,offices, churches, mosques,schools, hospitals and some industrial electrical appliances,i.e microwave oven, musical instruments, washing machine, printing machine, computer system,fridge,and deep freezer.
The aforementioned electrical appliances can be powered by an Inverter power system, depending on the various load​ capacity of Inverter.

Gratis Solar Powered Inverter is an intelligent renewable energy technology which converts AC to DC and back to AC power supply,for homes and offices appliances. Our hybrid Inverter is dedicated UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) designed as backup for your appliance, whenever there is a power failure from the National Utility Supply.It works automatically,no noise,no smoke,no fuel.

Gratis Solar Hybrid Inverter the hybrid Inverter comprises of two major components, Solar Panel array and batteries.The Solar Panel array is meant to charge the batteries, whenever is Dawn , while the batteries is to serve as energy storage i.e(Power Bank).

Our hybrid Inverter supports both National Utility Supply, and Solar Power Supply.Peradvanture if the power utility agencies failed to restore power supply for a very long time.The Solar array technology continues to charge the batteries of your Inverter.In which it can be used at any convenient time in a day or at Night.

Power outage and paying for Electricity supply that is not available.
Buying of Petrol or Diesel continually.
Damaging​ of your Electronics / Electrical appliances through Surge.
Dangerous smoke pollution from the exhaust of your Generator set.
Noise and Pollution from your Petrol and Diesel Generator set.
Mechanical servicing of your Generator set.

On this note, we ask you to LET THE SUN PAY, YOUR BILLS.

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